Chicken Piccata

Recipe from Giada de Laurentiis

Piadina (rustic Italian flatbread)

TIPS: The recipe can be doubled. Fillings include: lettuce, cheese slices, ham, turkey, prosciutto, tomatoes, mayo, etc. Recipe from @anitalianinmykitchen

Carmel Apple Topping

Great way to serve fresh apples.  Can be used to top cake, ice cream, yogurt, granola, or eaten straight. The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Aeblekage (Danish Apple Cake)

The Gravenstein apple comes from Denmark and has a tart flavor.  It is perfect for cooking and making apple cider. However, it doesn’t keep well, so when you have them, enjoy them fresh. If good apples are used, the lack of spices in this recipe will not be noticed. The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs  

Baked Hot Chocolate

The quality of ingredients used always impacts the outcome of a recipe. Chocolate is no exception.  Use the freshest, highest quality chocolate available for this recipe. Be careful not to overbake. The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Rustic Tomato Sauce without any bitterness.

Easy recipe without all the hassle of fussy cuts and extra oils. The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Tweed Kettle Pie

Due to wartime rationing, creating notorious meals became a challenge for women on the homefront.  They would use fresh caught fish and whatever they could grow. The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Patriotic Garden Salad

During WWII, patriotic families’ kitchen gardens became Victory Gardens. Their purpose was to promote self-sufficiency and promote the war effort.   The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Grape and Rosemary Foccacia

The carnosic acid in rosemary shields brain cells from free radical damage. Therefore, consumption of the herb could play a role in preventing brain disorders.   The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

Lavender Scones

The Apple Orchard, Susan Wiggs

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